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Perpetual Progress Newsletter January/ February 2010

January 29, 2010

Dear Property Investor

 Would You Like to Predict House Prices & Interest Rates?

 You may believe an ability to predict house prices and interest rates, was way beyond the ability of private individuals… however, would you be prepared to believe that 400 years of history can be a very good guide?

 If you have bought a property as a home, a sanctuary or as an investment, or if you are currently renting a property, you need to understand the factors that will impact upon you.

 As a property owner, it’s good to know if prices are going to fall, rise or stabilise.

 As a renter, you need to know what’s going to happen to property prices, as those prices will eventually affect what you pay for rent.

 Of course, the Credit Crunch has traumatised us all… if you haven’t, where have you been?


Fundamentally, we all need guidance and help in our life and as property ownership or property renting is very expensive in the UK, it’s useful to know where costs are going.


Perhaps you have one house, two houses, three flats, a small portfolio for your pension or a larger portfolio for your business needs.

 Whatever, your circumstances, I can show you how to cut through the rubbish to learn how to interpret the information available to you, in order for you to become better informed.


You need to be able to make the right decisions for circumstances that concern you… but where can you get simple, plain information, written in a jargon free way that you understand and most importantly, makes sense!

 Of course you could read the financial pages of your daily newspaper, research your interest on the Internet, listen to Bloomberg or ask an expert… or just ignore everyone else and make up your own mind.


Let’s deal with the people above, i.e. particularly the experts. The world is full of experts and they could not predict the chaos we are now enduring and they never will, so forget experts.

 Financial journalists invariably write financial pages, but I have never met a journalist who has experience of business or finance. Quite simply, the only real experience of finance is living in the real world and running your OWN business. Men and women who run their OWN business are the backbone of this country, and they are the people who put the Great into Britain… of course many of you reading this are on PAYE, but have a business as well, be it one investment property, a simple franchise or a car boot business… or a portfolio of properties producing big bucks… or a business which is a tidy sideline to your 9-5 work.

 Whatever your financial circumstances, I believe I can help you in ways, you cannot imagine.

 Let me explain.

 My name is Tony Evans. I am 52 and own 2 separate limited companies, one a publishing business, another, a property investment business, and a large number of properties both in the UK and Mallorca in my own name.


I have been working for myself for 15 years, and prior to that spent 17 years in banking, basically lending money to businessmen and women who wanted to buy bricks and mortar.


My total property portfolio is quite valuable and annually produces gross rent of £300,000 + per year…and rising.


I also live in a nice house with 6 acres in The Cotswold, but I am not flash, I am not flamboyant and, not an expert… I am a simple kind of guy.

 Many of my closest friends describe me as a “Norm”, i.e. Normal, down to earth kind of guy. You might meet me in a pub and think “ordinary”.

 You may talk to me and think “interesting guy”… I just love talking business, finance and money… especially with kindred spirit.

 What never surprises me, is so do most people who want to make money.!!!!!

 People who are happy and contented with their lives, employed, steady and reliable, aren’t always motivated by money.


The UK needs steady eddies, they are the backbone of the fabric of society we live in.

 However, I cannot help it, but I cannot have a boss tell me what to do anymore. I have to float free, even if I go broke.


So this letter is aimed at you free flyers, who are simply motivated about getting more dosh… if that is you, read on.

 Do You Love Starting New Money Making Streams?


If the answer is yes… great.


However, making money is only part of the equation, the more important part is preserving the money you make, by investing it wisely under your personal control.




Every week for about 40 weeks per year I write a newsletter called Progress, in it I write about financial matters that matter and will affect you.


I also introduce my clients to new and existing businesses that work and will work for you.


I know I can educate you about property prices, interest rates and other financial products that once understood, will allow you to make informed decisions.


You will be amazed just how stupid most economists, financial commentators and journalists really are. You should not be surprised about this because they don’t have what you know you have… and that is common sense.


Ask A Businessman Why He is Successful


The bulk of my banking career was spent with AIB – Allied Irish Bank. Throughout my time, I learned 9 very important lessons about business. Read them below:


  • Most people in business earn less than similar people employed.
  • Accountants, bankers and financial advisors don’t understand cash flow
  • Common sense in business is not very common
  • If you want to be successful for longer in business, ensure you are in business longer than your competitors
  • Businesses with no debt cannot go bust
  • Anyone can become a millionaire
  • Age, sex, education, culture or language is no barrier to success
  • You should only take risks when the odds are in your favour.
  • Every bank gets offered lots of bad loans, and it’s the bankers’ fault, if he accepts them.

 Your Future Success- Progress 

 If you believe in your financial future, I genuinely believe I can help you.

 Everything however, starts with Progress, my weekly newsletter.

 Progress is published a minimum of 40 weeks per year, allowing for holidays, bank holidays, Christmas, Easter, etc, etc.

 Within its pages you will get clear unbiased, no nonsense information, which will enable you to make better decisions for you and your family.

 Also, Progress highlights lucrative business opportunities you need to know about… business opportunities that either I am personally involved in, or have close involvement with.


 A)         I am personally involved in helping private individuals eliminate their credit card and/or loan debts… and can do the same for you, 100% legally.


B)         I own 20 houses, where I have a rock solid contract that gives me a guaranteed no voids and a 5-year contract, with an 8% gross yield… more good landlords are needed…..might that be you?????.


C)         I recently established a website to sell an incredible health product for men and women… and from zero I am generating growing sales of about £3500 per quarter, with a gross margin of 60%. I need more men and women to be involved? Will you help?


D)         I am about to establish a new property business, which once established would need investors to own a percentage of the shares equal to their investments. The sales and profit potential is substantial and the demand cannot be satisfied!

 Whatever your interest in making money is, Progress is also about showing you how to save money, by reducing your expenses.

 I will introduce you to people and companies who can save you money in ways, not even your accountant will believe… all 100% legal of course.

 The best aspect of Progress though is the price… just £59.99 per year or £5 per month if you prefer to pay by standing order.

 You may believe something as good as Progress cannot be that good for £5 per month… alas, if you don’t understand why Progress is so sensibly priced @ £5 per month, you have proved you need Progress.


I simply believe in giving you outstanding value in all our dealings, and that starts at the beginning.

 Believe me, we can make a great deal of money together and I guarantee you, I can show you how to make more money, and spend less money, without reducing the quality of your life.


If you go to, you can view for yourself, a sample or two of what I write, for free.

 Do please realise this blog is only a small sample of what we do.

 If you own a property, involved in a business and want to make more money than you are doing currently, make one of the most astute decisions of your life… spend £5 per month on Progress, as that fiver could well be the best fiver you ever spend in your life.

 Moreover, if you are one of the first 50 subscribers to Progress in 2010, I will send you a free copy of “Rich Dad’s Prophecy”, written by Robert T. Kiyosaki. The book is from the same author as “Rich Dad Poor Dad”.


Rich Dad’s Prophecy” was original published in 2004 and told readers the biggest stock Market Crash in history was coming.

 To be fair, The Credit Crunch was not difficult to predict and neither was very low interest rates… Progress told all its readers in 1998 of what lay ahead.

 Currently, we are also telling our readers that interest rates will stay low, very low for years, the next surge in house prices is already under way and unfortunately many people with a mortgage will fix their mortgage interest rates… which is my view is going to be very much an error, but hey, what do I know, I am no expert, financial journalist or broker.

 All I do is apply logic and common sense to all that I read and see… I can do the same for you for just over £1 per week.

 So, if you want to be part of a very exclusive and private circle, please join Progress, I guarantee you will not regret it, as with my help I know I can help you make better business decisions, save money, make money and join me as a business partner.

 Progress is a partnership and we all need good partners in business.

 Sure, I’ve got property and capital, but I also need men and women who are motivated and enthusiastic to make more money and enjoy having fun in the process.

 Subscribe to Progress today… it will be the best £1 you ever spend in a week.

 Subscribing To Progress


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Thank you for your time.

 tony evans


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You can call this line 24 hours a day!


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Last Of 2009

January 12, 2010



Much debate in recent weeks has focused on bankers bonus payments, secret £62 billion loans to RBS and HBOS and will QE, Quantitative Easing, be extended, stopped or understood?

 Bankers Bonus Payments

 Far too much media space has been covered with this issue, so I will not add to it, except with me commenting… all bankers are not bad and not all bankers are good… but if bailout banks need billion pounds bonuses, fire all the directors with a P60… it’s our money. Remember there would be no bank if it were not for UK Plc plus no bonuses.


Secret £62 billion to RBS and HBOS


This shows that before 8th August 2007, Senior Scottish Bank Executives made a balls up of running their banks! What is now certain is that it’s likely the gaffer of The Bank of Scotland our Merv, a character, who probably knows too much. Simply, it’s almost certain that if he has lent £62 billion quid of Scottish money to keep the ATM’s working; he has done the same for Barclays, Lloyds etc, etc!

 Mervyn King as I have repeated, is an academic, who in early August ’07, preached about moral hazard, “messing it up” to you and me and played hardball… by doing so, he individually made a difficult situation worse. By not accepting calmly the facts, he punished the idiots, which whilst it made the banks worse, it made the whole banking community lepers.


Those punished banks then took their medicine by making you and me suffer. You may not agree with this but the facts speak for themselves.


So to QE


This is being extended by an extra £25 billion and the biggest beneficiaries are banks, pensions funds and other institutional investors, especially banks.


They are using the BOE cash to buy shares, commercial property, fund rights issues by Lloyds TSB and others and push the FTSE to very high levels.

So in effect, King punished the banks, helped them, then realised his punishment had punished UK Plc, i.e. you and me, and therefore set about saying Ooh ps so sorry, “Here’s £200 billion quid to make you feel better”.


Of course no one knows or will ever know if QE will work, but the Gold price tells you by its record price, that savvy investors, believe £200 billion of QE, allied with record government borrowing, the same thing really, is going to cause inflation sooner or later.


Well if you owed someone £200 billion, wouldn’t you want to (in real terms) find a way to make repaying that money easier?


Of course you would?


The easiest way to reduce the effect of repaying any loan or mortgage is to encourage inflation, which helps dissolve the real value of the debt.

 Currently we have deflation of –1.5% with interest rates of 0.5%, which means to you and we have real interest rates of +1%.

 Consequently, if interest rates rise to 2.5% and inflation increases to 2.5%, the real effect of those interest rates is zero… the situation ahead of us at some point.


Inevitably, once all the money in the system (via QE) starts causing inflation, as it will, interest rates will have to rise, to try and reduce inflation… however, because the UK is buggered, the BOE will not increase interest rates to curb inflation until it is 200% certain the economy has turbo charged growth; the risk of not letting the economy rip roar means, QE has to be extended.


Regrettably, there is not enough money in the world to allow QE to go on forever, as a result, the only alterative, on offer for any central bank or governor, is to do everything they can to get the economy going, as the risk of not taking positive action soon enough is stagnation.


Japan has spare economic capacity of 10% and has had for years, despite the government having debts of 200% of GDP… deflation and no prospect of the good times again.


The UK is well aware of previous mistakes of not acting early enough. At the same time, they are well aware of using inflation to get them out of the s***.

There are plenty of early warnings of rip-roaring inflation ahead of us, house prices up 10%, booming stock markets, booming investment banks profits.


Many commentators are suggesting house prices will fall next year, initially they should, but 12 months from now they probably will be up between 5-10%. My view is 10%… not because of lack of supply of houses, but because banks are flush with cash and want to lend it to make profits, so they will fall over themselves to compete in the mortgage market… knowing their security (the houses they mortgage) will be worth more from offer to completion.

 As we discussed before, everything in the UK depends on a healthy housing market and we have to get that market roaring to get consumer confidence up. Unless UK consumers are confident to start spending, we will suffer like Japan for years.

 Fortunately, Merv has worked this out early, and is taking or putting the medicine in place… now!

 Make no mistake the quandary for all of us with savings and borrowings is to work out when the break is released on low interest rates, because eventually interest rates will have to rise.


My view is changing but current rates or rates under 1% will be with us for sometime ahead or not until we see the word inflation in every tabloid. At that point, BOE will get interest rates up.

 The real test will be for those who want to sell their houses and bank their equity, because beyond 2013 house prices will by that point be steaming ahead.


My current view is consumers are reducing personal debt, (wrongly in my view,) but this is holding back consumption… but only until they realise inflation will be better at solving their debt burden, and then consumer spending will take over.


Of course in the future we may well have a new man in 10 Downing Street, but “he is a toff” and never done a dirty job in his life or worked for £5 per hour. He cannot hope to understand how hard life is for working class people.

 When I was a student, I buried the dead in the 1976 heat wave, unblocked sewers, sucked up compacted sceptic tanks, and collected dead dogs from the local vet for incineration

Men and women doing these jobs are screaming, because current economic policy is all against them, as it is for so many.

 Having stated the above, eventually conditions will improve and I fear the government of the day will try and impose measures through taxation to prevent booms in house prices, as well as price and income policies to prevent or control wages. Neither will work because the pressure for higher incomes will be driven by rising prices through inflation. Taxing rapidly increasing housing profits is useless; all that will do is stop the housing market overnight, which will lead to bust again.

 A better and more sustainable policy is to tax the buying and selling of land, as that will reduce land speculation in its tracks or control increases to more modest levels.

 At that moment, houses only need to increase by 4-5% per year to enable the housing market to start functioning efficiently. Will any politician though understand the cure for boom or bust in housing or commercial property is to tax land speculation? Not housing?