Saturday 31st October

Hello folks,

We are about to publish our second abbreviated edition of Perpetual Progress,we ,this week look at the housing market in Spain, followed by the market in Argentina….whilst both markets are miles apart and currently very different, they teach us much about how property markets can function when banks stop or are unwilling to lend.

Property needs finance from lenders to give the market momentum,however,when the banks do not provide momentum,primarily because depositors do not trust banks and thus do not make deposits ,those seekers of refuge for their capital ofter,as is the case in Argentina ,just deposit their capital into bricks and mortar bercause property really is the” safe as houses” safe haven in times of crisis.


However,let us not forget where we all started and that is with horses,via The Lazy Punters Black Book….accordingly,do not forget to check out our new web site at    



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